I first met Phil, K9HI, when I became the FEMARA Publications Chair for HamXposition, a fancy title for the guy who puts together the program book.  Phil is the guy who organizes all of the talks and makes my job easy: I just have to take all of his very hard work and transform it onto paper.  I discovered very quickly that Phil is not only very easy to work with, but he is a straight-shooter who tells the truth and can be depended on to not gloss over details.  He is always ready to discuss compromises that will resolve issues.

Since then I have learned a lot more about Phil.  He is honest and always willing to tell you where he is coming from.  I trust him to represent all that I personally value and wish to promote in Ham Radio: new hams, spectrum preservation, and the whole IT infrastructure of the ARRL.

Larry Banks, W1DYJ
FEMARA Publication Chair
MMRA Newsletter Editor / TIOS Net Manager / Trustee
I enthusiastically support Phil Temples, K9HI, for re-election as ARRL New England Division Vice Director.  Phil has been a friend of FARA for many years, including stopping by our Field Day operations, attending many of  our monthly meetings, and checking in with us regularly to offer support.  Phil has been licensed for fifty years, has been a QST author, ARRl Life Member and has made many contributions to the New England Division of ARRL.  As President of FARA, I have attended various ARRL meetings and conventions  and have directly observed Phil’s dedication, tough questions and insightful comments designed to further amateur radio.  In addition, his experiences as an author of short stories adds a level of eloquence and creative imagination to the hobby.  Please vote for Phil Temples for ARRL New England Division Vice Director.
John Iwuc, KB1VXY
President of the Framingham (MA) Amateur Radio Association
I endorse Phil Temples-K9HI as ARRL New England Division Vice Director. Since Phil was appointed in mid-2020, he has done an extraordinary job fulfilling this role once held by K1TWF-Mike Raisebeck, a longtime vice director for the division. Phil is an accomplished ARRL field organization leader having done several terms as section manager for the Eastern Massachusetts ARRL section. Since becoming vice director, Phil helped to organize the last New England ARRL Division virtual meeting in January 2021 allowing the whole division to stay informed about developments for the ARRL ahead of the twice per year board meeting and provide feedback from leaders. Phil also created the New England Division ARRL web site to post key happenings across the division. This was long overdue as the New England ARRL division did not have a web presence until Phil created it. Phil is always available for questions on ARRL over email, phone and to keep leaders posted on ARRL changes.

I am hoping to continue to work with Phil over the next 3 years as vice director and strongly endorse his candidacy for Vice Director of the ARRL New England Division.

Rob Macedo, KD1CY
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
SKYWARN Coordinator for NWS Boston/Norton and Director of Operations for the VoIP Hurricane Net

I have known Phil Temples K9HI for many years and found him always to be a hard working volunteer for the ARRL, the HamXposition, and for promoting amateur radio to the public.  He makes the rounds of New England clubs, Field Day events, and educational amateur radio activities. Phil is a very active Volunteer Examiner and has helped our VE team often. He is extremely knowledgeable about ARRL and its missions and inner workings, so he is the perfect person to help connect us regular hams with the national leadership and facilitate getting ARRL to serve our needs.  I am pleased to endorse Phil Temples for New England Division Vice-Director.
Bob Phinney, K5TEC
President, New England Sci-Tech Inc.

Director, New England Amateur Radio Inc.

Having been a licensed ARRL member since 1962, I have had occasion to interact with a number of League officials. Phil Temples, K9HI, epitomizes who I want as a League official and friend. He appears to be tireless because I have always been able to reach out to him for advice or assistance and to receive a prompt response.

I enthusiastically support Phil for re-election as ARRL New England Vice Director.

Harold “Pi” Pugh, K1RV
Trustee for K1USN Radio Club
Member of KM1CC Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club
Member of YCCC, CWOPs

Phil Temples, K9HI, has been an influential member of the Eastern Massachusetts field organization for many years, serving in many capacities, always with effectiveness and always inspiring the volunteers who worked with him to work together as a team.  He continues to effectively contribute in his current position as New England Division Vice-Director.  Phil listens to all, reasons logically and always acts in the best interests of amateur radio.  I am pleased to endorse him for the position of New England Division Vice-Director.
Rob Leiden, K1UI
EMA Assistant Section Manager
Former Eastern New York Section Manager
Past President, Schenectady Amateur Radio Association
Past President, Barnstable Amateur Radio Club
I’ve known Phil for less than a year. During this brief time, as I’ve gotten to know Phil, I’ve come to know and respect him and consider him a friend. He’s one who is excited about doing things, helping people, producing ideas, acting upon them and helping to progress further with those ideas. He’s one to volunteer to help in any means he can. He’s not one of those who just say things and walk away, never to be heard of again. Phil is one of those guys you want on your team, to work with you and for you. Because of all that, he has my vote for New England Division Vice Director.
Larry Krainson, W1AST
President, Hampden County Radio Association
Phil Temples K9HI is the kind of individual ARRL needs in a leadership post. Devotion, energy, competence, and patience: all these qualities he has in abundance.

When the Nantucket Amateur Radio Association needed to create a presence on the web, Phil really stepped up to help.  He offered to host our club’s web page on the Eastern Massachusetts Section web site, guided this ham on posting our club’s content, and has continued to act as our web “guru.”  He has given many hours of his time freely and cheerfully.

Phil has kept our club up to date on ARRL activities by attending our virtual club meetings.  We NARA members look forward to the day when Phil can visit our island so we can all thank him in person.

I heartily endorse Phil for re-election as Vice Director.

Jerry Horton W2JH
Nantucket, Massachusetts

I first met Phil at the conventions in Boxboro and I found him to be a tireless volunteer, yet he always took the time to talk to someone along the way. Upon his appointment as Vice Director, he has demonstrated nothing less. He has established the NEDIV website and has worked with all seven sections to create open communication and visibility which was sorely needed. Well done and keep it up. Good luck.
Ray Lajoie, KB1LRL
Section Manager, Western MA
After almost 60 years as a licensed ham, I have known many elected officials of ARRL, and Phil Temples, K9HI, is in the top rank. His knowledge of ham radio in general, and the operations of the League, in particular, are both outstanding, and his record of volunteer efforts with the League are, in my opinion, unparalleled. Most importantly, Phil listens, he responds, and he gets results. He has my full endorsement for the office of Vice Director of the New England Division, and I urge all ARRL members in the division to add their votes to mine.
George Allison, K1IG
President, PART of Westford
Phil has dedicated himself to the ARRL for many years as Section Manager of the Eastern Mass Section, Assistant Section Manager, very active at division cabinet meetings, Program Chair of the New England Division Convention and as our current Vice Director.

Phil is genuinely interested in what ARRL members think, is an active amateur radio operator, takes the time to listen to members and is creative always thinking of new ideas. I was a Section Manager for the CT section for many years and it was always refreshing to call Phil to discuss ideas for the ARRL field organization. I highly endorse Phil as our New England Division Vice Director.

Betsey Doane, K1EIC
former Section Manager, Connecticut

Phil Temples was a key driver for my involvement with the ARRL Eastern Mass and ARES leadership teams. From my conversations and meetings with Phil and seeing his passion and dedication to the ARRL mission as well as the public service aspect of amateur radio, it was obvious to me that I would like to join Phil and the rest of the Eastern Mass section leadership team.

Phil has continued as a mentor to me in my roles as Assistant Section Manager and ARES District Emergency Coordinator. I am also pleased to be able to call Phil a genuine friend. He is supportive and caring and always available to offer guidance to me. As our current New England Vice Director, Phil extends the same qualities I have seen in him personally to the much broader needs of the ARRL New England Division. I believe we have all greatly benefited from his division leadership and wholeheartedly endorse his re-election and continuation in this role. I do not know of anyone more qualified and dedicated to the ARRL mission than Phil and believe he deserves our vote for New England Vice Director.

Stu Solomon, W1SHS
ARRL Assistant Section Manager, Eastern Mass
ARES District Emergency Coordinator, Norfolk County

I’m supporting Phil Temples, K9HI, in his bid for election as New England ARRL Vice Director, and here’s why. Having served multiple roles in over 30+ years in the ARRL Field Organization, Phil has the experience necessary for the position. Whether serving as Section Manager, Assistant Section Manager, or as the current New England Vice Director, Phil has always been an effective manager and leader. His dedication to Amateur Radio and his ability to “get things done” make him deserving of your support in this election.

I will vote for Phil Temples, K9HI, for ARRL New England Vice Director. Please vote for Phil!

Bruce Blain, K1BG
ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator, Eastern Massachusetts
President, Nashoba Valley ARC

I fully endorse Phil Temples, K9HI, for New England Vice Director. His dedication to the Field Organization Services, attention to detail in meetings, like the New England Affiliated Club Coordinator (NEACC) initiative, attendance to many club meetings […] and responsiveness to questions makes him an ideal candidate to continue in this position.

While I have only worked with Phil for the past year, it feels like we have known each other for ten! I appreciate his efforts and contributions to amateur radio endeavors in New England.

Please join me in voting for Phil Temples K9HI for New England Vice Director.

Cory Golob, KU1U
Assistant Section Manager/Section Traffic Manager, Maine

Phil Temples, K9HI has my full endorsement for New England Vice Director. He has demonstrated the true meaning for the word elmer. Phil was a major mentor in training and continuing support in helping me to improve my Amateur Radio club with web design and other recommendations, Phil has shown his dedication to Amateur Radio and support to members in need.

Don Melanson, W1DM
President, Quannapowitt Radio Association

Phil, K9HI has displayed a tremendous level of commitment to his many roles in support of Amateur Radio and the ARRL for as long as I’ve known him. Phil spends a great deal of his time trying to understand what members of the Amateur Radio community want and need from him and from the ARRL. He works very hard to bring resources and support to meet everyone’s needs and to grow and strengthen the ARRL’s role in carrying the Amateur Radio Service into the future.  Phil is a role model in his service to Amateur Radio. I can think of no one who is better qualified or a better choice to serve as our New England Vice-Director than Phil.

Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC
President of the Nashua Area Radio Society

Phil has been my friend and associate for several years, probably thirty or more. In that time, I have know and worked with him as the Eastern MA Section Manager and as one of the leaders in the New England Convention program. Phil seeks out the best and most useful speakers to present material to club members and convention registrants.

Phil is diligent and resourceful and a pleasure to work with. Doing so always makes everyone look better because Phil’s leadership carries over to everyone. He always seeks out ways to solve problems, even when others find the problems. to be insurmountable. His energy and experience are always apparent in a team effort.

I believe that Phil Temples would be an outstanding candidate for New England Vice Director and I strongly endorse him for the post.

Robert G Beaudet, W1YRC
RI ARRL Section Manager